Multiculturalism Undercover:
Unity and Diversity in the Human Figure
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The human figure is known among painters to be a challenging subject. It is essential to interpret and invent the images on canvas; one cannot simply copy them from nature.

Representation of the human figure has been celebrated throughout the history of art. Indeed, some of the earliest Near Eastern sculptures and reliefs have the nude as their subject. The nude figure is all about structure. There is a certain delight in seeing how bone and muscle architecture form a specific pose, bringing about a marvellous balance between the different parts of the body.

I have approached the model from an aesthetic perspective. These include framing geometric forms, highlighting structural lines, and considering negative spaces. In some pieces, I have chosen to leave shapes in pure colour blocks so that the viewer sees the charm of their interaction.

For this exhibition I have selected several paintings of the nude figure to demonstrate the unity of body structure that is ubiquitous in the human population. Along with these pieces are paintings celebrating the diversity created by unique styles of cultural dress.

Thanks are extended to all the models who posed and made these paintings possible. Several dance groups linked models to painter; the White Buffalo Dancers and Drummers Society, the Wakaba-Kai Japanese Dancers, and students of Usha Kala Niketan.

Welcome to Multiculturalism Undercover, as seen through a painter's eyes.

Thoroughbred and Jockey
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As a figure artist and equestrian, I have sought a balance of figure study with the atmosphere of the racetrack. It is my pleasure to present a new series of paintings that feature this balance.

To emphasize the elegant, single silhouette of horse and rider, jockeys’ faces are deliberately kept indefinite while their forms and attitudes are well defined. There is much to excite the artist’s visual imagination at the races: the stately prancing of the animals, the dramatic shadows they cast, and the striking colours of the riders’ jackets. As the artist, I attempt to distill the grace, discipline, and energy of the races onto canvas.

Thoroughbred horses embody a passion for freedom tempered by discipline; the jockeys convey their authoritative strength with their posture. These ideas constitute the theme of this series.